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Are Reglazed Bathtubs Worth It?

A variety of research has shown the positive effects of bathing on one’s physical and emotional well-being.

Bathing in an unclean, cracked, or ugly tub may make the experience unpleasant. It doesn’t necessarily follow, though, that you should run out and get a new one right now.

This article will help you decide whether you should refinish or replace your tub.

We may now begin!

Bathtub Reglazing: What is It?

Bathtub reglazing, or “recoating or refinishing,” is only for the purpose of beautifying the bathroom. Your tub’s brilliance will be restored with this product.

It works like this.

To begin, a skilled bathtub repair professional will sand the tub’s surface. Minor blemishes and stains may be removed using this. Afterwards, they’ll repair any remaining fractures or chips. The tub will next be primed and painted. They may need to apply many coats depending on the size of your tub.

Once the painting is complete, they’ll give it one more polish.

Reglazing an old bathtub may bring it back to life, but some bathtubs need more than just reglazing. Keep reading to learn when it’s time to retire your old tub and get a new one.

When Should Bathtubs be Reglazed?

You may choose to keep your bathtub if its condition is superb. With reglazing, a rough surface may be transformed into one that is shiny and flawless.

Even so, your tub isn’t that terrible. Here’s how to figure out whether reglazing your tub is the best option for your situation.


Over time, the color of your bathtub will fade. You may ultimately have to deal with yellowish discoloration even if you clean it often. Even if it’s normal, this is also revolting.

Regardless matter the severity of the stains, reglazing may help bring back the whiteness of your tub. In any case, the sanding and re-painting technique will remove or cover up the stains.

Surface Scratches

When you reglaze your tub, you’ll be able to fill in tiny and shallow scratches. In most cases, a filler may be used to fill in the gaps.

However, you should not reglaze a tub that has several large cracks. It is possible that these cracks might weaken the tub’s structural integrity or cause water to spill out of it. Cracked bathtubs should be thrown away.

Unless you take precautions, your bathtub might rapidly turn into an area prone to flooding.

Budget Concerns

In many cases, it’s less costly to simply re-glaze an old tub rather than buying a new one.

In addition to the upfront cost of the new bathtub, you’ll have to get rid of the old one. Professional removal and disposal services are typically required for this.

This might result in an increase in price.

If money is tight, consider reglazing your tub to extend its useful life while spending less money. There is a chance that this may give you a “new” tub without going over your budget.

When Should I Replace My Tub?

Some tubs can’t be reglazed since they’ve been damaged beyond repair. You should replace your bathtub if any of the following signs appear:

Really Old Bathtub

Bathtubs have a 25-year lifespan on average. This is a good time to think about replacing your bathtub if it is getting close to or has reached that age.

In spite of the fact that it has been running for some time now, it might yet fail at any time. For the sake of saving money, it doesn’t make sense to reglaze your tub if you plan on replacing it soon.

Constant Repairs Are Needed

You may want to consider buying a new bathtub if your old one is constantly breaking down. It is a waste of money to keep reglazing a damaged tub if you have to keep paying for repairs.

An occasional repair, on the other hand, should not cause alarm.

You’ll have a long-lasting bathtub after you fix the problem and repaint the surface. In contrast, a tub that needs several repairs every year is not worth the money, time, and work it takes to maintain.

You Don't Have the Time for Repairs

The reglazing process may need many visits. You can’t have your tub buffed while it’s still wet with paint, so you need to wait for the primer to dry before painting.

Therefore, it is possible that you will be forced to wait for a week or more before your bathtub is finished.

Consider acquiring a new bathtub if you don’t have the time to wait. On the same day, you may be able to buy and install a new tub.

Leaks Around the Tub

The sooner you replace a leaking bathtub, the better. When it comes to fixing major bathtub leaks, you’re looking at a difficult and time-consuming task. A new tub is a better investment than an expensive repair that may not last.

Growth of Mold & Mildew

As soon as you see mold or mildew growing on your tub, get rid of it immediately. Reglazing will hide mold, but it won’t get rid of it. Using a moldy bathtub might result in serious health issues.

There are a number of symptoms that may be caused by mold, including the following:

Know When to Replace or Reglaze

Bathtub restoration is a smart investment if your tub is in great working condition. During the reglazing process, surface imperfections including scratches, tiny cracks, and stains may be eliminated. Reglazing an old, leaking, or moldy tub is a waste of time and money. A new tub is inevitable.