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Different Kinds of Bathtubs & Their Features

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom? Are you considering purchasing a new bathtub? What kind of tub do you want? This quick tutorial will acquaint you with the many tub types available so that making this critical selection is simple and straightforward. There are many types of tubs that will fit your bathroom.

Here is all the information you need to choose and purchase a bathtub. A bathroom’s entire appearance may be significantly altered by upgrading the bathtub. Your bathroom may be transformed from a functional area into a lavish, at-home retreat by adding only a bit more space around a tub, a deeper soaking basin, or a visually attractive design.

We’ll quickly go through the many baths kinds that are offered.

Freestanding Bathtubs

This is a way to go if you want a traditional, vintage aesthetic. These tubs are constructed of solid porcelain and are the largest on the market, allowing you to enjoy a long, peaceful bubble bath in comfort. You may even choose one with a built-in shower head. Look for a claw foot tub for an even more antiquated atmosphere.

Alcove Bathtubs

On three sides, alcove baths are surrounded by walls. Showerhead installation is simple and straightforward since these tubs are frequently surrounded by tile or paneling.

Drop-In Bathtubs

The tubs are enclosed by wood that is tiled, granite, or coated with various materials. A drop-in tub, like a free-standing tub, may be installed anywhere in the bathroom as long as the plumbing is accessible.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner baths are the most like a Jacuzzi. They’re usually big and opulent, with jets for extra relaxation.

Regardless of the bathtub type you pick, it will ultimately show signs of wear and tear. Perhaps a ring has formed in your tub that no amount of chemical cleanser or elbow grease will be able to remove. Don’t toss away your old tub if this occurs. Alafaya Tub Reglazing can reglaze your bathtub in Alafaya. For more information, go visit our website now.

Walk-In Bathtubs

A door that swings open when the basin is empty is a feature of a walk-in tub. Since they are simple to access, they are a favorite among homeowners who are concerned about accessibility. The user should allow for a little more time to complete the filling and draining of the tub because the door must be closed.

Soaking Bathtubs

Since soaking tubs are built to retain more water, they may be used for lengthy, opulent baths that simulate floating in a pool. It is far more probable that these large bathtubs will be freestanding or drop-in/under-mount. They could also have extra embellishments like flat bottoms or slipper patterns.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

In whirlpool baths, pressurized water is pumped via jets to provide the user a soothing massage and spin the water. Additionally, the water may go via a heater, keeping it warm and inviting—ideal for a leisurely bath. Actually, a certain brand of bathtub is called a “Jacuzzi.”